Splattered Paint Flowers

I used my last splattered paint flower card so I decided it was time to get my acrylic craft paint out and start splattering. I did these splattered paint flowers on 5x 7 inch Strathmore Cards. Splatter painting creates a very spontaneous style of art. I love how every painting turns out a little different. I never know which one will be my favorite. The splattered paint flowers on these cards are fairly quick and easy to do. They would also look nice framed. Using a size 8 round brush I splattered light and dark green paint on all the cards first. The next day I painted the flowers on the cards and added more splatters in some of the flower colors. It made it go faster to get all the green paint splattered first then add the flowers later. I didn’t have to stop and clean my brush and finger as often.Follow these links to see my splatter paint tutorial and other splattered paint cards. I have a video of how I splatter here with some FAQ and the brush and paints I use.Splattered PaintFlowers- Poppies and Delphiniums-myflowerjournal.comSplattered Paint Flowers- Poppies and Delphiniums-myflowerjournal.comSplattered Paint Sunflowers on Watercolor Paper-myflowerjournal.comSplatterd Paint Flower Ideas-myflowerjournal

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I’ll be sharing my Splattered Paint Flowers on :  Show and Tell Friday, Paint Party Friday

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