Anthropologie Inspired Flower Chalk Art

Recently my daughter and I were at the Anthropologie store in Salt Lake City admiring all the amazing products and displays. They had a framed chalk art that caught my eye. I have done quotes on my chalkboard, but hadn’t thought of doing a flower drawing. So I went home and got my chalkboard out.  Here is my Anthropologie inspired flower chalk art and how I did it!

Great ideas to create Anthropology inspired flower chalk art from myflowerjournalHow to do Anthropologie inspired flower chalk art-myflowerjournal

Anthropology Flower Chalk Art

How to do Anthropologie Inspired Chalk

My flower chalk art.

I drew my flowers after looking through Avian Friends Activity Journal. These line drawings by Geninne Zlatkis are great for variety art projects.  After I did my drawing on paper I transferred it to my chalkboard.  I’ll show you how I did this.Book Review by myflowerjournal

Inside pages of Avian Friends Activity

How to do Anthropologie inspired flower chalkboard art-myflowerjournal

This is another flower chalk art I did. I got the flower design from Treasury of Flower Designs. This is another good book to own if you like to include flowers in your art or craft projects.Book Review by myflowerjournal-great for art projectsRhonna Farrer Chalk Art Class-myflowerjournal

My daughters and I took a chalkboard art class at a local shop. We learned lots of chalk art tips and how to do fun borders and lettering. One important thing I learned was to sharpen my chalk to get a fine line for detail. I didn’t know you could sharpen chalk! It doesn’t matter what kind of chalk you use, but you need a sharpener with an extra large opening. You can find them in the makeup or school supply section at Walmart. I bought and tried a few until I found one I really liked. Sharp chalk is important for creating these designs. You will need to sharpen your chalk often because the fine tip wears down quickly.

1.Choose a design and make a copy of it or sketch your own on a piece of paper.

2.Turn the paper over and rub chalk all over the back of it.How to do Anthropology inspired chalk art-myflowerjournal

3.Lay your design on your chalkboard getting it centered where you want it. Draw over your design with a colored pen. I like to use a colored pen because I can tell what part I have done.How to transfer design on chalkboard for flower chalk art-myflowerjournal

4.When you are through lift the paper off and you will see a light copy of your design.How to do Anthropology inspired chalk art-transfered design-myflowerjournal

5.Go over it with a sharp piece of chalk. Don’t get too uptight if its not perfect. Its chalk! You can always erase it and start over. If you love your chalk art and you don’t ever want to erase it you can spray it with a permanent fixative so it won’t rub off. How to do Anthropology Inspired Chalk Art-myflowerjournal.comTutorial-Anthropologie Inspired Chalk Art Journal Page-myflowerjournal

Chalk Art Journal Page- Chalk on 8×8 black card stock sprayed with a fixative

If you want to learn more about chalk art and lettering this book is a winner!

Great book all about chalk art by Valorie Mckeehan-review by myflowerjournal

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