How to Make Splattered Paint Flower Cards

You can make beautiful splattered paint cards and gift tags on blank cards or watercolor paper.  Cards are easier to make than paintings because you don’t need a painted sky or background.  I also love the look of the spattered paint flowers on a white background in a frame.

Splattered Paint Flowers postcard-myflowerjournal

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Detailed instructions for splattering paint can be found on my previous posts here and here.

A video showing how I splatter my paint and some FAQ can be found here.

My favorite brush and the paint I use to create splattered paint flower art is found in this post of FAQ on

After trying a lot of brushes I found this one works the best. (I photographed it next to a pencil so you could get an idea of its size.)

The fluid acrylic paint colors I use are here.

I used Strathmore Watercolor Postcards and Strathmore Deckle Cards. You could even make your own cards out of card stock or 140 pound watercolor paper. Working on the watercolor paper if you get a blob or splatter of paint you don’t like. Let it dry completely then use an exacto knife or something with a sharp point to scratch it off.

Keep your splattered paint card on a paper towel to keep it clean while you are working on
Splattered Paint Flower Garden Cards-myflowerjournal (1)

Its important to keep the back of the cards clean during the splattering paint process. I placed each on a paper towel and and held the edge of the paper towel to move the card from the painting area to a safe place to dry.

Ideas for Splattered Paint Poppy Flowers
Tips for Splattered Paint Lavender Flowers
Splattered Paint Card on watercolor paper from

Card made from 5 inch x10 inch watercolor paper folded in half.

Splattered Paint Flower Garden Cards-myflowerjournal (2)
Splattered Paint Flowers to make gift tags-myflowerjournal (1)

These 4 x 6 Postcards would even look nice in a frame.

Tips for Splattered Paint Flower Art
Strathmore Watercolor
Make Splattered Paint Flower Art gift

 I used scraps (2″ strips) of watercolor paper for the gift tags. I painted them first, then scored them and tore them so they would have a torn edge look. The strip with the purple flowers I sprinkled clear glitter on the paint while it was still wet. It gives it a fun sparkle without detracting from the flower colors.

Splattered Paint Flower Garden gift tags-myflowerjournal

Happy Splattering! The possibilities are endless!

Free Printable from my flower journal-just add flowers for cards and more.

Free printable here. Just add flowers to make your own cards.

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