Splatter Painting At A Different Angle

Your splatter painting will take on a whole new look if you turn your paper and try splattering at a different angle. I think this direction looks best when you are working on a square background. I’ve used the same techniques shown in earlier posts. The brush and paints I use and a video showing how I splatter paint can be found here with some FAQ.

Splatter Painting from a different angle-myflowerjournal

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Try a different angle splatter when splatter painting-myflowerjournal.com
A Differnet Angle on Splatter Painting-myflowerjournal
Snow Flower Art created with white acrylic paint splattered on craft paper with glitter added-myflowerjournal.com

On this piece, I call Snow Flower,  I sprinkled some glitter on before the paint dried. It looks pink in the photo,but I used a clear iridescent glitter. I wanted to give it the look of fresh snow glittering in the sun.

Two more ideas are found here and here.

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