FAQ to Create Splattered Paint Flower Art

How to create splattered paint flower art continues to be my most popular post. Over time many of you have asked great questions about how I create my splattered paint flower art.  Here are some of the FAQ and my answers to help you with your own art.

Create a splattered paint flower garden-no drawing required-myflowerjournal.com (2)

What kind of brush do I use?

The brush I use isn’t available on amazon any more. I will need to find another one to link to. It needs to be a round bristle brush that you would use with acrylics or oils. A soft brush, like a watercolor brush doesn’t splatter the acrylic paint as well. I photographed it next to a pencil so you could see the comparison in size.My favorite brush and the paint I use to create splattered paint flower art is found in this post of FAQ on myflowerjournal.com

How do I create the long grass like splatters?  

I think the paint you choose makes the biggest difference. It does not work to use acrylic paint from a tube. Fluid acrylic paint works the best. I usually just buy what is available at my local craft store. If it is getting a little old and a little thick it won’t work as well. I have used a lot of different brands of fluid acrylic paints: inexpensive ones and the more expensive Golden Fluid Acrylics.

I like to use fluid acrylic paint to make my paint splatters that I add turn into flower art. myflowerjournal.com


I love Golden Fluid Acrylic paints! They cost a little more, but come in such beautiful rich colors. Sometimes I use them combined other brands in the same painting. You might want to start with this basic set on Amazon and gradually add more colors. This set has one of my favorite flower colors: Quinacridone Magenta. You might want to get Green Gold for the grass/stem splatters.

I had my daughter video me doing some paint splatters. It is a very short simple video (no sound), but will help you see how I splatter the paint. 

More Ideas

I keep finding more ways to use my splattered paint flower art. Some the ideas I’ve shared are shown below.Splatter Painting from a different angle-myflowerjournalSplatter Painting From a Different AngleSplattered Paint Flower Garden Cards-myflowerjournal (1)

Splattered Paint Flower Cards

Splattered Paint Flower Art Ideas -Sunset-myflowerjournal.com

More spattered paint ideas and tips.

Winter Splattered Paint Art

Watercolor flowers can also be added to splattered acrylic paint. Go here and here for more ideas.

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  1. Hey Tammy,could you post a video on how to create the long blue flowers?
    I can’t get them right!

  2. Hi, all these pics are just wonderful but I jut can’t seem to get the shape of the flowers right. Can you let me know what you use to do the purple long flowers and the poppy like ones too? Thanks

  3. You’ve got my mind racing in many directions. But darn I have to things I have already started and I have to finish them first. I’m saving your site so I can come back later. I hope my inspirations come back then. I love your work. Thank you for sharing, judy

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