Whimsical Watercolor Mushrooms

Painting colorful, whimsical, watercolor mushrooms is a great way to let your imagination go wild! I recently took an online watercolor class by Danielle Donaldson that introduced me to the idea of painting watercolor mushrooms. This was a new way for me to add some color and whimsy to acrylic paint that I  splattered on a watercolor postcard.

How I painted my whimsical watercolor mushrooms

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How I Painted my Whimsical Watercolor Mushrooms


watercolor postcards, green acrylic paint, mechanical pencil, eraser, watercolor paints, white gel pen

My Process:

First I splattered green acrylic paint on a 4×6 watercolor postcard.

I used this great drawing book by Eloise Renouf to help be add some watercolor mushrooms to some splattered acrylic paint.

Then I lightly drew a variety of mushrooms in pencil. I love this drawing book by Eloise Renouf and used it as a reference to help me draw my mushrooms.

I love Danielle Donaldson's online art classes and books. They are full of whimsy, color and helpful watercolor techniques. myflowerjournal.com

Next I started to add color to my mushrooms.

I learned a lot in the class I took by Danielle Donaldson!  She shared so many colorful ways to paint mushrooms. I love both of her books. In “The Art of Creative Watercolor” she shares one of her watercolor mushroom paintings. This gave me some ideas of how to paint mine and add the finishing details.

Whimsical watercolor mushrooms inspired by a class from Danielle Donaldson

The last step is my favorite!

Adding details to the mushrooms with a white gel pen and a mechanical pencil really gives them personality.

I recently took an online art class that helped me learn how to paint watercolor mushrooms. I love how fun and colorful they are. myflowerjournal.com

One more…..

Its so fun to add watercolor mushrooms to splattered acrylic paint. Learn more on myflowerjournal.com

Reference Books

ome of my favorite drawing books that inspire me and help me create the art I share on myflowerjournal.com

Here are some of my favorite drawing books. I use them to practice drawing and for ideas to add flowers and other things to the art I create.Twenty Ways To Draw A Tulip

Twenty ways to Draw A Cat

Twenty Ways to Draw A Tree

Botanical Line Drawing

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