How To Paint A Watercolor Christmas Wreath

I love to paint watercolor flower wreaths! Its a simple relaxing project for me. As I decorated our house for Christmas I decided I needed to try paint some watercolor Christmas wreaths.  What a fun project it turned out to be. I will show show you how to paint a watercolor Christmas Wreath in a few easy steps.
How To Paint A Watercolor Christmas Wreath-myflowerjournalSteps to paint a watercolor Christmas wreath-myflowerjournal


Watercolor Paper, watercolor brush or waterbrush, pencil, black pen,, kneaded eraser

Watercolors: After taking a watercolor class I now use the Daniel Smith Essentials Set (a limited palette) plus a few favorite colors for most of my watercolor projects, but there are times when its nice to premixed colors like the ones found in the Koi Watercolor set.I like to use the Daniel Smith Watercolor Essential Set-myflowerjournalThe Koi Watercolor Set

1.Lightly trace around a round object in pencil. Draw a bow.  Keep the pencil light so it doesn’t show through the watercolor. I made mine dark so you could see it, then lightened it with my kneaded eraser.

2. Paint the bow leaving some of the ribbon open and not connected. You will be filling in green around it and will want it to look like the ribbon is hidden by some of the greenery. Add dabs of red paint to look like clusters of berries.

3. Use a yellow green paint and start filling in the wreath shape with dabs and small strokes of paint. Leave some white space and keep the edges loose and random looking.

4. Add a medium green color to the wreath using small, loose strokes. Don’t cover up all of the yellow green-these are your highlights. Add some dark green in places on top of the medium green. Use a variety of greens and dark blues. Keep the edges loose and open. Add some darker color here and there to the ribbon and berries.

5. I added a little bit of pen detail on the bow and a few berry and leaf shapes. I used a very, very fine point black pen and tried not to make it too dark or overpowering. The last thing I did was add a few splatters of red and green paint.

How To Paint A Watercolor Christmas Wreath-myflowerjournalPaint A Watercolor Christmas Wreath-myflowerjournalTutorial to paint a watercolor Christmas Wreath-myflowerjournal

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30 Responses to How To Paint A Watercolor Christmas Wreath

  1. Thank you for the tutorial on the Christmas Wreath! What fun and I can’t believe that my wreaths actually look like wreaths. Again thank you!!

  2. Thanks for your detailed instructions,the wreaths look lovely, my paints will be out today to make a few extra hand painted cards.. Hope I get the splatters right, I tend to be a bit heavy handed.

  3. You know, I might be able to do this. Just maybe… Excellent instructions! I have done a little dabbling with watercolors and love that medium so much more than the opaque acrylics. I love how watercolors can blend together on the paper.

    I plan to try to follow you on bloglovin’.


  4. Just found your blog through Pinterest. Very nice! I actually got to your site by clicking on your watercolor art supply bag from Harbor Freight. I just bought one of those and spruced it up a bit. I am going to use it as an art journaling bag. I posted on that bag today on my blog (Lucy’s Lampshade). I will be following you and look forward to seeing your wonderful watercolors. I will be doing some “wreaths” in my journal. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. You have me addicted to this free style of watercoloring flowers tammy and I love your Christmas wreath!! I was actually wanting to try my hand at one by making loose poinsettia flowers but I just haven’t had (or taken) the time as I’m working hard on Christmas cards I had already planned out. Thanks so much for generously sharing your techniques!

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