Easy Watercolor Tulip Tutorial

Use this easy watercolor tulip tutorial to add beautiful spring flowers to splattered acrylic paint! This is a simple way to create a beautiful piece of original art.

Learn how to add watercolor tulips to splattered acrylic paint with this tutorial from myflowerjournal.com
Start with splattered acrylic paint then add watercolor tulips and othere flowers using tutorials from myflowerjournal.com

I start with a piece of watercolor paper that I splatter green paint on. You can learn how I do this here. After it is dry I do a light blue wash for the sky leaving plenty of white space for the clouds. After this dries its time to add flowers!

Use this easy watercolor tulip tutorial to create beautiful spring art from myflowerjournal.com

Easy Tulip Tutorial

I use the paint splatters for the stems. Sometimes it helps to add some green watercolor to make the stem heavier. (For this tutorial I painted watercolor stems.)

  1. Paint a single petal in your choice of color like the example above.
  2. While it is still wet add another petal overlapping the first. It can be in the same color or a different shade like my second example. If possible leave a little white paper showing through. The colors will blend. Don’t mess with it too much, just let it do its thing. You can add another petal on the other side if you want. Your tulip can be finished or you can add step three.
  3. When your first two or three petals are dry add a smaller lighter petal behind the main petals. This will give your tulip a more closed, round shape. Its good to do a variety of styles of tulips in your painting. Some more open like step two and others more closed like this last step.
  4. Next add green leaves and darker green for the shadows. You can also add some very light simple tulip shapes for tulips in the background.

Here are some watercolor tulips I added to splattered acrylic paint on watercolor paper that will give you some ideas! They are all 4×6 inches on a piece of 5×7 watercolor paper. I put 1/2 inch masking tape around the edges of the paper before I splatter the paint to give it a nice white border when the tape is removed. All of these examples were created using Daniel Smith Watercolors. You can learn more about the supplies I use here.

Look at this easy watercolor tulip tutorial from myflowerjournal.com
Learn how to paint pretty tulips in watercolor with this tutorial from myflowerjournal.com
Use this tutorial to add watercolor tulips to splattered acrylic paint to create a beautiful painting! From myflowerjournal.com
You can use a this same technique to paint tulips in acrylic. I used Golden Acrylics for this 5×7 inch painting on an Ampersand Gesso board.
Tulip Time 5x7 acrylic on gesso board splatterd paint flower art by Tammy Norhrup at myflowerjournal.com

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