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A friend recently challenged me to paint an angel in watercolor. This was a bit out of my comfort zone. Painting flowers is what I usually do. Once I started painting my angel I couldn’t stop. So I don’t have any step by step photos for you, but I decided to still share a little of my process with you.I hope this will inspire you to use your creative energy and paint your own angel in watercolor.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I have enjoyed my little angel. I may be painting more angels, but until then I hope this one will brighten your day.

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Angel In Watercolor Supplies:

sketch book, pencil, light box, Daniel Smith watercolors, Arches watercolor paper, brushes

Getting Started:

I started with this simple drawing on watercolor paper to create my angel in watercolor.

First I sketched this simple angel in my sketchbook. Then I made a copy of it and placed it on my light box and lightly traced it onto my 8×10 piece of watercolor paper. I kept my sketch simple because I wanted it to feel like my angel was emerging out from the watercolor.
The next step was to wet my paper and add washes of yellow and blue and a mix of colors for her arms. I did not wet the area where her face is so I could add the flesh color later. I let the colors run and drip at the bottom. I tried not to mess with this area too much. After the paint dried I went back in and added details and lots of splatters to create texture in the background. I had to stop before I worked on it too much. I love how the colors and textures came together to her a give it a bit of an abstract look.

May you always have angels watching over you!

Happy Painting!

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