White Gel Pen Magic On Watercolor!

white gel pen can work like magic on a finished watercolor when you need a few highlights. Traditionally when working in watercolors you leave the white of the paper showing when you have a white object or highlights. Sometimes when you paint with watercolor things don’t go as planned and the white space you planned to leave disappears. That is when a white gel pen is a great tool to have!

 I love to use a white gel pen to add a few highlights to finished watercolor painting. It works like magic and adds a little nice finishing touch to my watercolor flower art!

My Favorite White Gel Pen

I have tried many different white gel pens, but have found the Uni-ball Signo white gel pen to be my favorite. Other brands of gel pens seem to dry out or quit working when they aren’t used very often. I can usually count on the Uni-ball Signo to work every time I need it.

White Highlights

When you just need a touch of white or highlight a gel pen can be an easy way to get the look you want.

I was happy with how these watercolor flowers on splattered acrylic paint turned out, but wanted a few more white highlights.Watercolor flowers on splattered acrylic paint from myflowerjournal.com

So I added a few lines with my white gel pen. Its subtle, but it gives it a little more sparkle.White Gel Pen Magic on Watercolor Flowers and splattered acrylic paint from myflowerjournal.com5×5 watercolor on splattered acrylic paint

Here I used my white Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen to add some of the needles to this Prickly Pear Watercolor painting.I used a white Uni-ball Gel Pen to add the needles to this prickly pear watercolor painting. I love using a white gel pen for finishing touches on a watercolor painting. myflowerjournal.com5×7 watercolor

In this painting I used my white gel pen very lightly to add detail to the windows of the cottage and some white flowers and highlights in the garden.A white gel pen can work like magic on a finished watercolor when you need a few highlights. 5×7 watercolor

Next time you need a little more white in your watercolor painting try using a white gel pen to add a nice finishing touch.

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