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When I’m looking for inspiration to create flower art I love to study Kim Parker‘s flower paintings. I discovered her art on the internet a couple of years ago and it never ceases to inspire and amaze me. I love all her flowers designs and the way she uses bold bright colors.

 Here are two flower paintings I did this past year that were inspired by Kim Parker”s art.

My Flower Art-Palette Knife oil painting-myflowerjournal.com

8×8 0il painted with a palette knife.

My Flower Art oil painting-myflowerjournal.com

8×10 oil painting

I love to look through Kim Parker Home and see her flower art and how she uses it to decorate her apartment in NYC. In her book she also shares how she came to be part of the art, fashion and home décor world even though her education is in music. She has a degree in flute performance. Here is a peek into her book:
Watercolor Flower Journal Inspiration-Kim Parker Home Book Review-myflowerjournal.com

Flower Art Inspiration-Kim Parker Home Book Review by myflowerjournal.com

Flower Painting inspiration from Kim Parker-myflowerjournal.com

I'm inspired by Kim Parker's Flower Art and Home Book-myflowerjournal.com

Kim also wrote and illustrated a children’s counting book with delightful watercolor garden illustrations.Watercolor Flower Inspiration-Kim Parker Art and Book Review-myflowerjournal.com

Kim Parker counting book for children with watercolor flowerws-myflowerjournal.com

I hope this has given you a new idea to use when you need inspiration for your art journal or flower paintings.

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24 Responses to Flower Art Inspiration

  1. What gorgeous pieces – I love the texture in the piece with the palette knife – you really captured those petals. I’d never heard of Kim Parker but I’m intrigued to go read up on her now although I never paint flowers I do love them growing wild in my cottage garden!

  2. Loving your flower paintings, especially the one created with the palette knife……..the lady’s book looks full of inspiration, thank you for sharing, Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. I love hers, but I prefer your oils…simply gorgeous!! i LOVE how vibrant yours are!! I need that depth of color around me!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. your flowers are beautiful – it is also one of my favorite art journaling subjects ! Kim Parkers work is lovely as well. thanks for sharing ! happy PPF !

  5. Your art journal page is delightful! I love your palette knife piece as well – painting with a knife creates such remarkable texture and energy. I was interested to learn that Kim is a musician-turned-designer/artist. I have played the flute since I was a child! Thank you for introducing her. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Beautiful, Tammy! Thanks for sharing. I loved them all but especially the one you did with the palette knife. You have such a gift. Loved seeing the art of Kim Parker too! I might need one of those books :)

  7. You do beautiful work in your flower journal. I love the bold colors. Flowers are always fun to paint. I am impressed with the palette knife painting of roses. What an impressive bit of art!

  8. I share your love for flowers. Your flower paintings are wonderful. My favorite is the oil painting showing various flowers with the sky-background.

  9. Just super fantastic Tammy! I love your journal page…so alive you can smell the flowers. And the painting…wow! You are so multi talented. How great is that. I love the pics you showed about Kim’s work. I can really see how she has influenced you. It is such a respectful person who gives credit where credit is due (kim) and I bet she would give YOU the same credit back because you have done a stellar job all on your own with YOUR style!!!! Brilliant. Heartfully Yours, Samara

  10. Love the wonderful texture and the vibrant colors of your painting! Beautiful work of art and your source of inspiration is equally gorgeous:) Thanks for sharing the beauty of the flowers with us! hugs,Poppy

  11. Hi Tammy,

    Wow! What gorgeous inspiration, indeed! I can see how you would be influenced by such beautiful colours, textures and ‘design’. Your palette knife still life is STUNNING!! Thanks for introducing Kim Parker’s work to me.


  12. What talent! I so enjoy looking at your work, I so admire it…I can’t draw stick people!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work at Amaze Me Monday…it is amazing!

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