Succulent Inspiration and eBook Review

Have you noticed how succulents are showing up everywhere: bridal bouquets, centerpieces, living wreaths,  gardens and landscaping. After looking at all the inspiring ideas on Succulents and Sunshine I decided I need to plant some succulents in my back yard. Living in Utah I wanted to plant a type that would handle our hot summers and cold winters.  In April I planted some different kinds of sempervivum, commonly called hen and chicks. They have done quite well and have lots of chicks so I am ready to propagate them and start some new plants. Cassidy from Succulents and Sunshine has written an eBook called Propagating Succulents that you can purchase on her website.Propagating Succulents the eBook from Succulents and Sunshine I love ebooks because you don’t have to leave home to get them or wait for them to come in the mail. Just pay- then download! In her book Cassidy covers how to propagate succulents from leaves and cuttings. She has done lots of experimenting and has learned from trial and error. She has lots of good advice on what works the best for different types of succulents. A strength of the book are all the beautiful clear photos she uses to explain the process. At the end she shares some fun ideas you can do with your succulent cuttings. After looking at her creations I decided to use some of the chicks I pulled away from the mother plant combined with some flowers from my garden to make a bouquet.Hen and Chick,Succulent and Garden Flower

Bouquet: Hen and Chicks, Gerber Daisy,Zinnia-Envy, Shasta Daisy Snowcap, Shasta Daisy Victorian Secret and Hardy Geranium Leaves for filler.Beginning steps for succulent and garden flower

To make the bouquet I glued moss on an empty tin can. Succulents don’t have a long, strong stem and don’t  like to sit in water. So I attached some of the smaller cuttings to twigs  with wire. I used hot glue to attach the larger rosettes to the can.  Yes, hot glue!  (See a post Cassidy did about using hot glue on succulents.) Succulents, including hen and chicks, can go days without water so they should stay fresh as long as the flowers last. That’s one reason they are becoming so popular in all kinds of bouquets. I love how this bouquet turned out. As my hen and chicks grow and spread I can see using them more often in arrangements and bouquets!

Hen and Chick and Garden Flower Bouquet in a Tin

*One week later the flowers were fading, but the succulents still looked good. I took out the old flowers and replaced them with fresh ones from the garden!

Emerald Empress Hen and Chicks in my Utah

My Hen and Chicks with lots of chicks ready to be propagated and replanted.

Emerald Empress Sempervivum  above and Common Sempervivum below.

Winter Hardy Succulent Hen and Chicks with lots of chicks in my Utah Garden-myflowerjournal

Sempervivum chicks pulled from the mother plant waiting to be

According to Cassidy these “chicks” I pulled from the “hen” can be treated as a small plant and put into well drained soil and they will continue to grow and produce more chicks. Succulents are a great addition to your garden and bouquets.

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19 Responses to Succulent Inspiration and eBook Review

  1. Love your bouquet. I am wanting to put together a mini garden using succulents, so am feeling inspired…..thanks for sharing my friend. Diane

  2. Love succulents and it makes perfect sense that they are popular though I had no idea. Thanks for letting us know and giving us that idea. Love your post.

  3. How fascinating! I love your bouquet – thanks for showing us exactly how you put it together. I would have never thought about attaching the small chicks to twigs, or using hot glue! I have always been attracted to succulents, but I don’t grow many. I think this e-book is exactly what I need! Thanks so much for joining in!

  4. Wow, I love your garden/art blog. I just read through 5 posts and you are quite the artist and gardener. It’s a nice combination, isn’t it? I’m teaching art next year to elementary students, so I’ll be back often to see what you are up to.

  5. Good job! I was just going to ask how you did it, then you answered my question. :) I like the subdued palette–it’s very elegant looking.

  6. I have a container of succulents for the first time. I purchased it before it got so terribly hot here, but most of the varieties are doing pretty well. I’ve moved it under the patio to protect it from the intense sun, but move it out when we are getting rain. I want to do more succulents this fall. I had never thought of using them in a bouquet, but yours is just lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog — truly appreciate your sweet comment!

  7. I have never thought of using succulents in a bouquet. What a wonderful idea. I will certainly try that. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  8. Such a beautiful grouping! I’ve never used many succulents in my garden, may have to pick some up! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday…

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