Splattered Paint Flower Art Using Golden Fluid Acrylics

The Splattered Paint Flower Art I’m sharing today was all created with Golden Fluid Acrylics. A question I am asked often is what type of acrylic paint I use. I have used a lot of different brands of acrylic paints over the years for my splattered paint flower art. Sometimes I use a variety of brands in one painting. The most important thing to look for is a fluid acrylic paint, not acrylic paint in a tube.

 How to Create Splattered Paint Flower Art using Golden Fluid Acrylics-myflowerjournal

Why I like Golden Fluid Acrylics

Golden Fluid Acrylic paint is the most expensive brand I use. Other less expensive brands work as well, but Golden’s intense colors can’t compare to most other brands. The three splattered paint flower art pieces in this post were made with the Golden Fluid Acrylics.  I painted them on gesso board or watercolor postcards.

I use the colors in this basic set and Ultramarine Blue,  Cobalt Teal, Sap GreenGreen Gold, Dioxazine Purple, Raw Umber.  With these colors I can mix most colors I need for my flower art.

Golden Paint SetHow To Make Splattered Paint Flower art

How to Splatter Golden Fluid Acrylics for Flower Art-myflowerjournal
After I paint the sky and ground color I splatter green paint with a round bristle brush. My favorite brush and the paint I use to create splattered paint flower art is found in this post of FAQ on myflowerjournal.comYou can watch a video and learn more about how I do this here. After the paint has dried I add dabs of flower colors to create a variety of flowers. If I have splatters I don’t like I can cover them with flowers. Splattered Paint Flower Art with Fluid Golden Acrylics-myflowerjournal I keep adding flowers and sometimes more greens and a few splatters in the flower colors. After it dried for a day I sprayed it with Golden Matte Varnish to protect it.Splattered Paint Flower Art using Golden Fluid Arylics-myflowerjournal

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  1. Interesting post about the type of acrylic paints you use. I’ve heard of Golden a lot but have never used them. I like Lukas as they also come in bottles and are very fluid. Lovely paint spatter flowers.

  2. Beautiful results!
    For some reason I can’t get that splattered long look????
    I tried the same garage golden acrylics and watercolor same brush ?

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