Snowy Landscape With Splattered Acrylic Paint

A fresh layer of snow can turn a dry field of weeds into a beautiful winter scene. Here’s a winter landscape with splattered acrylic paint on a watercolor background I created and a tutorial showing how I made it.

Snowy landscape with splattered paint on a watercolor background

I started with a 9×9 piece of Watercolor Paper. I used masking tape around the outside edge making a 8×8 square for my painting. Then I did a dark blue *watercolor wash over the whole paper. Remember watercolor dries lighter so make sure it is a little darker than you want.

*After taking a watercolor class on Craftsy I now use the Daniel Smith Essentials Set (a limited palette) plus a few favorite colors for most of my watercolor projects, but there are times when its nice to premixed colors like the ones found in the Koi Watercolor set.

Watercolor Wash for Splattered Winter Snow

My favorite brush and the paint I use to create splattered paint flower art is found in this post of FAQ on myflowerjournal.comUse a size 4 round mixed media brush and load it with lots of white acrylic craft paint. Use the kind in the bottle not a tube. I have used a lot of different brands of fluid acrylic paints: inexpensive ones and the more expensiveGolden Fluid Acrylics. I really like the Martha Stewart Satin Paints. They are good quality and work well on a variety of surfaces. I like to use intense colors I can mix with white to get different shades. The white in this brand is called Wedding Cake. Flick the brush across your finger to splatter the paint. Lots of paint gives you long grass like splatters. If you get blobs of paint you don’t want let them dry. After they are dry you can scratch them off with the tip of a sharp knife knife or use them as part of the dried flowers and weeds. You can learn more about my paint splatter techniques here and watch a video of me splattering paint here.Load your brush with paint and flick it across your index finger to create the splatters for your splattered paint

Snowy Landscape Splattered Paint Art in

After the splatters dry add dabs of paint to create the look of dried weeds and wild flowers covered with snow.

Tutorial: Winter Watercolor of Snowy field with Splattered Acrylic

It looks pretty like this and could be finished, but I decided to add a little color so I splattered  brown and dark green paint near the bottom of the painting. Then I splattered  more white on top. I also added more white on the dried weeds covered with snow.

Snowy landscape with splattered paint on a watercolor background

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  1. I am so grateful that I found your blog randomly on Google, while searching for splatter techniques… I made a composition learning from you, and will making more in the future.. :) thanks again for teaching such naive students as me, something extraordinary :)

  2. I have done a few splatterings on paintings but I am glad to know that there are specific techniques so i can achieve the results I want. Thanks for the tutorial

  3. I’ve paint splattered a night sky (for stars) before. This was a great tutorial. Thank you. I love the look of the green in the snow flowers. Blessings, Janet PPF (congrats on being chosen)

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