Flower Market Discoveries

A flower market is such a fun discovery whether you are traveling far or near home. When we were in Rome a few years ago we found a flower market as we wandered the city. Buckets and crates of fresh flowers were under the shade of large umbrellas. I wish we could have taken more than just photos home with us.Flower Markets Near and Far-Rome Flower Market-myflowerjournal Flower Markets Near and Far-Rome, Italy Flower Market-myflowerjournal


A couple of years ago my daughter and I went to NYC with my sister-in-law and niece. For me one of the highlights of that trip was walking down 28th street between 6th and 7th avenue. Here we found wholesale shops with fresh cut flowers, tropical plants, topiaries, floral supplies, baskets, pottery and more. Some shops had large walk in coolers where they kept buckets of fresh cut flowers. Others brought their plants outside and we felt like we were walking in garden as we went down the street.NYC Flower Market on 28th street-myflowerjournalNYC 28th street flower market-myflowerjournalFlowers in NYC Flower Market-myflowerjournalNYC flowers on 28th street flower market-myflowerjournal.com

This is a painting I did inspired by the my photos I took in NYC on 28th street. It is pastel over a watercolor under painting on 300 lb watercolor paper.

NYC Flower Market Original Painting-My Flower Journal

Since trips to Rome and NYC don’t come very often I have learned to appreciate flower market discoveries closer to home. One of my favorites (don’t laugh) is Costco. I can’t even make a quick trip to Costco with stopping to admire the flowers for sale. If I can’t think of a good reason to buy some I pull my phone out and take a few pictures. Someday these photos might be the inspiration I need for a painting. The bouquets of tulips in the spring are some of my favorites. Lately I’ve been fascinated by the bouquets of roses and the variety of colors they have. When our Utah weather is too cold for flowers to bloom I look forward to my visits to the Costco flower market even more.

Tulips at Costco-myflowerjournal.com

Roses at Costco-myflowerjournal


Flower Markets Near and Far-Costco Roses-myflowerjournalPink watercolor roses-Flower Market Discoveries-myflowerjournal

6×6 inch watercolor of pink roses on 140 lb watercolor paper


Flowers add so much beauty to every day life. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Rome, NYC or the nearest Costco just seeing lots of colorful, fresh flower bouquets lifts my spirits.

I would love to hear about any flower markets you have discovered so I can add them to my travel wish list!




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24 Responses to Flower Market Discoveries

  1. I feel like I’m in heaven when I see such beautiful flowers. i usually buy a plant as I know the flowers will last longer. Your rose painting is fabulous, I had to check it again, I thought it was a photo..

  2. Wow! Your rose painting is so beautiful! If it was for sale, I bet tons of people would want to buy it. Can you make prints of it?

  3. nothing like beautiful flowers to brighten anyone’s spirit. Your photos are fabulous and your watercolors really breathtaking!

  4. Your watercolor of the pink roses is amazing. You really understand depth and how to portray that in your art work. Hats Off!

  5. Your paintings are lovely! I like all your photos for inspiration. We are lucky to have good flower selections at the grocery stores we frequent here in Bellingham, and I have some great photos, just haven’t acted on the inspiration yet. Happy PPF!

  6. Stunning paintings!! Wow….I love the costco flowers too!! If they’re fresh we may even treat ourselves!! They have the best Christmas poinsettias too!! Thanks for sharing…wonderful photos as well. Always inspiring here!

  7. I’ve never been to a pure flower market, but I would love to visit one. In Germany where I originally come from we have flower stands on the farmers market that are colorful and beautiful. I miss that here.

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