Bubble Painting Flower Art

Bubble Painting! Does it sound like child’s play? It is, but why should kids have all the fun? I learned to do bubble painting when I was an elementary school teacher years ago. I have used it many times through the years to decorate cards, gift bags, wrapping paper and to make backgrounds for journal pages. It creates an interesting texture and pattern on paper with a few simple supplies.

Bubble Painting Flower Art! What a fun, creative activity to do with my children-myflowerjournalYou will need: watercolor paperacrylic paint, dish soap, staws,plastic cups or something to mix the paint in, lots of paper towelsBubble Painting Flower Art Supplies-myflowerjournal.com

Process: I like to work near my kitchen sink on a protected surface or one I can easily wipe clean. I always wear a paint apron. Decide how many colors you want to use. Fill that many cups about a third to half way up with water. Squirt a couple drops of dish soap in each cup then add some squirts of paint. This isn’t an exact science. You may need to add more soap or more paint after you do a trial run. Stir the paint and soap in each cup with a straw. Bubble Painting Tutorial-mix water,paint, dish soap-myflowerjournal.com After stirring the paint mixture blow bubbles until they come over the top of the cup. Lay a piece of paper on top of the cup. It pops the bubbles and leaves an interesting painted design on your paper. Use a piece of scrap paper to practice and test the strength of your colors. During this practice session decide if your paint is dark enough. If not add more paint and stir it well. If you need more bubbles add more dish soap. I usually don’t need more soap, but often I add more paint. If you start with bright or dark colors you need less paint. Now that you have your colors the way you want create your bubble paintings! Overlap and combine colors to make it more interesting. Make sure you stir the paint mixture well each time before you blow bubbles.
How to Create Bubble Painting Flower Art-myflowerjournal.com

Combining two or more colors can create different looks in your bubble painting.

Tutorial shows different color combinations of bubble painting-use for flower art, journal pages, cards, wrapping paper etc-myflowerjournal.com

To create this art journal page I looked for flower shapes in the bubble painting and outlined them with pencil.

How To Do Flower Art on Bubble Painting Background-pencil sketch-myflowerjournal.comThen I used transparent watercolor to paint the flowers and leaves letting the bubble texture show through when possible. To finish I lightly outlined the shapes with an extra fine sharpie.Tutorial showing how to do Watercolor Flower Art on Bubble Painting Background-myflowerjournal.com

In this journal page I also looked for flower shapes and outlined them in pencil. Then I used transparent watercolor washes to darken around the flower shapes so they would stand out. I added some yellow for the flower centers and green for leaves.

How To Do Bubble Painting Flower Art-Look for flower designs and outline in pencil-myflowerjournal.com

How to do Bubble Painting to create Watercolor flower art and backgrounds for journal pages, gift cards and more-myflowerjournal.com

You can also create bubble painting flower art by punching shapes out of paper that has been covered with bubble painting. Use these shapes to decorate cards or journal pages.

How To Do Bubble Painting Flower Art-Punch shapes out of paper covered with bubble painting-myflowerjournal.com

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  1. Found my way here from Art Journaling Everday Friday – and fell in love with the bubble ways of your journal page. I did this as a kid too, and now I want to try again. SO fun, thanks for the inspiration!

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  3. What a fantastic post Tammy, your pages are delightful. I love your tutorial too, beautifully explained with fab, clear to follow instructions – thank-you. I remember doing this at school way back when (ahem many years ago!!) and it was such fun, how on earth could I forget about such a wonderful technique!! Ha ha ha defo something to have another go at and I’m sure my 6yr old daughter would love to play too. Many thanks for your sweet visit earlier, much appreciated.
    Hugs x

  4. What a wonderful technique! I’ve used the bubble technique to glue images and to stamp images on, but I never thought about doing flowers over that fab background.

  5. What a lovely idea! I think I remember my kids doing this in school, but you’ve taken it to a new level with your beautiful drawings and embellishments. I might have to try it!

  6. Oh! I remember doing this years ago. These are so delicate and absolutely gorgeous! Your flower forms are stunning and that quote is one of my favorites. I think I just decided what I’ll do for my next art journal entry! XO, Janice

  7. I had to see what in the world bubble painting was, yes! :) Looks like fun but you have some talent going on here, too. LOL I don’t think MY flowers would look as good ( at ALL ) but I am going to think about this…yours are just delightful!

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