St.George is Blooming!

We just returned from a few days in sunny St. George, Utah. Flowers were blooming everywhere. St. George is in southern Utah and has a warmer climate than we do in Utah County. With a mild winter you can find flowers in St. George all year long, but they seemed to be most abundant during the spring before summer temperatures soar above 100 degrees. Flowers were blooming all around the St. George Mormon Temple.

St George, Utah  Mormon Temple Flowers-My Flower Journal .com

St George, Utah  Mormon Temple Flowers-My Flower Journal .com

Prickly Pear Cactus were blooming on our hike to see the petroglyphys near Santa Clara.  Driving through Santa Clara we saw a little bit of France. In the older part of town we saw cottage gardens with roses climbing on picket fences and arbors. St. George is a popular place for those of us that live up north to visit. We can leave the cold behind and find sunshine, flowers and many fun things to see and do!

Utah Prickly Pear Cactus-My Flower

Santa Clara Utah Flower Garden-My Flower

St George Utah Flower Gardens-My Flower

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