Lilly Of The Valley Bouquet From My Garden

The Lilly of the Valley in my garden is blooming! My neighbor, who is also my mother’s cousin, gave me a start a few years ago. He got his start from his mother who got her start from her mother. So… if you were able to follow all this… the original start came from my great-grandmother’s garden. I picked a bouquet for my kitchen this week. I love the gentle scent I can smell it every time I come in the back door.Lilly of the Valley from my Utah Garden-My Flower

I have been inspired by the book Petal and Twig by Valerie Easton to pick  flowers from my garden each week and create a bouquet for my kitchen. This is a fun little book. I love the small 6″x6″ size. In it Valerie Easton shares the joys of cutting flowers and foliage from your own garden bringing them inside.  The best part of the book is her Bouquet Journal where she shares photos and descriptions of the bouquets she has created throughout the year. This book would make a great gift for yourself or a flower loving friend. This book has inspired me to pick a bouquet from my garden each week this summer! I love the author's photos and descriptions of the bouquets she created throughout the year. Petal and Twig Book Review-My Flower

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    • Thanks Candice for taking time to look at my website and making such kind comments! Its fun to share my love of everything flowers.

  1. Your lily of the valley is so pretty. And how special that it came from your great-grandmother’s garden. Thanks, too, for drawing my attention to this book. I have had a resolution to cut more bouquets from my garden so I can enjoy the blooms inside, too. This sounds like just the book I need to make that resolution a reality!

    • Thank you for the opportunity to share my book reviews on your blog. I love gardening and I love books. I really enjoyed going through the list of past book reviews and adding some to my must read list. Your blog is beautiful. I love all the photos you post. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I found your blog throught the Garden Appreciation Society linkup. I love the simplicity of your arrangement. I love flowers, too. I want to find a copy of the book you mentioned–that sounds like it would be right up my alley. I’m trying to learn to arrange flowers by trial and error (mostly error at this point, I’m afraid.)

    Take care,

  3. I just cut a bouquet of lily-of-the-valley myself for another post and now it sits on the kitchen window sill to enjoy the heady fragrance. Yours is pretty in the yellow mug.
    Petal and Twig sounds like it will inspire everyone to bring a few things in from the garden, and not just flowers. I like a book with a different angle on gardening, and this one would make a nice gift for our daughter. Thank you for the recommendation.

    • Thank your for your comments on the book reviews I did. It is so fun to share ideas with fellow gardeners. I spent some time on your lovely blog today. I especially enjoyed your post on cottage gardens. It made me want to return to England and wander in some of the lovely cottage gardens there.

  4. Lovely! I have been enjoying the lily of the valley in my garden too this spring. Though they are mostly gone, its really one of the highlights of my spring.

    Petal and Twig also looks lovely. That’s something that always inspired me – watching my mother, grandmother, step mother create beautiful bouquets from whatever they could cut in their gardens.

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I had never thought of pressing Lilly of The Valley until I looked at your blog. What a good idea. I may have to try that next year!

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