Flower Magazine Spring 2013

Flower Magazine isn’t easily found on newsstands  I first saw an edition of it at the library and new I had to subscribe. I wish it came every month instead of four times a year.Flower Magazine Spring 2013 Review-My Flower Journal.com It has articles about a variety of flower topics: flower arranging, gardens to visit, flower shops, floral designers, garden events, book reviews and more. My favorite articles in this issue included how Bunny Williams created her 12 acre Connecticut Garden, snapshots from the Trade Secrets Garden Tour, a review of the book Private Edens and how to make bridal bouquets.Their web site is full of information to help you pass time until the next issue arrives in your mailbox.Flower Magazine Spring 2013 Review-My Flower Journal.comFlower Magazine Spring 2013 Review-My Flower Journal,com

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